1. Edinburgh half marathon 2014

    I ran it and I managed it but I had not trained enough. I ran it in 97 minutes which is okay. The first 10km took me 42 minutes and it took me 55 minutes to do the next 11km. This makes it clear that I had not trained enough. Specifically at distances beyond 10km.
    In Munich last year my second half pace was as good as my first. At least my training seems to have improved my 10km speed.

    There were a few possible other factors influencing my slower overall pace. It rained the whole time and I had two pub crawls in Edinburgh Wednesday and Thursday. However, I think by Sunday it should have been out of my system. I think it is much better explained by weaker training. I intend to keep my fitness up and enter another half marathon soon.


  2. An analysis of the media response


  3. Edinburgh half marathon

    It’s 6am and the race starts in two hours, emotional times !


  4. Edinburgh, independence, etc

    I am hiding out in Edinburgh for a few days because i had an interview for a clinical psychology doctorate. I am also running the Edinburgh half marathon tomorrow. Yesterday i was walking with a limp so i will run for enjoyment and not push myself this time.

    Scottish independence has been a big topic here. It’s easy to hear people discussing it in pubs. I believe the vote is in September which could be the month i move here as someone from England; if i get on the doctorate.

    I have caught a few films at the cinema in Edinburgh and the adverts that precede them are about the vote for independence. The yes vote for independence is an energetic, emotionally worded passionate campaign with uplifting music. When they mention Westminster they do so with images of British police. It asks you, no pleads with you to vote yes to ensure the future of your new born baby!

    The no campaign is not so emotionally charged. Teenagers discuss how the modern world is changing and their lives and ambitions do not stop at the borders of scotland. They say that they are stronger together. Interestingly, this campaign does not explicitly tell you to vote for them.They just present their view.


  5. Given that I am British and would like to remain in Europe. This is the most offensive thing that I have seen for a long time. It’s from the UK independence party that would like us to leave Europe. I am reluctant to give them press so intentionally scheduled this to post the day after the vote they refer to.


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    I have the Germans to thank for so many perfect words.

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  9. Running, intermittent motivation

    When I was running in Munich and training for the Munich half marathon I felt obsessively motivated. I wanted to run as much as possible and get a good time. This time, whilst training for the Edinburgh half I would like to beat my previous time but the difficulty is that I am having to fight a feeling of low motivation and it is more of a battle to run enough.

    I love running, and I enjoy it. I consider it to be good for my health but tonight and last night I just have not felt like I can motivate myself to run 15km. Hopefully, I can tomorrow.

    Ideally, I will run day 1 day 4 and day 7. Meaning two days recovery after each run (I always push myself in my runs). However, at present my last runs were Monday 14th, Friday 18th and I haven’t run since, tomorrow will be Wednesday 23rd, I hope I can pull 15km from somewhere. Then do 5km Saturday 26th and 15km on Sunday 27th. We will see !

    Marathon running is a mental challenge. Success has little to do with the actual day and more to do with how much practise you were able and willing to push yourself through in the lead up.


  10. An interesting article ranking passports by how easy it is to travel without a visa.


  11. A new 10km PB

    I have just had an unexpected confidence boost for the Edinburgh half marathon by running a new 10km PB of 42 minutes 49 seconds.

    I know that realistically to be running a sub 90 minute half I need to be running 10km in 42 minutes. So I need to keep my foot on the gas and keep pushing !


  12. Edinburgh half marathon - 25th May

    I have entered the Edinburgh half marathon and have about seven weeks to prepare. My running has been much less regular since I moved away from Munich and typically much shorter distances. However, from today I am back into sub 45 minute 10km territory. I am going to attack the course and try to go sub 90 minuted for the half.

    I hope to at least get closer than 94 minutes but would need to lose a bit of fat to be confident about it.


  13. I am still alive

    It has been a hectic time of getting used to change for me but it has been a good time. I am now working with paranoid schizophrenia and it has been completely eye opening, interesting, and enthralling. I am really inspired by my work at the moment.

    So I am now living in Birmingham, UK. Our second biggest city, it is an industrial place with lots to do but it is not a beautiful city in the way that can be said about Edinburgh or Munich.

    I have managed to keep the running going although not quite as frequently. My last 10km run was at 45 minutes and 59 seconds. So I am running about 2 or 3 minutes slower than when I hit my stride in Munich. I am going back to Munich to celebrate new years eve and really looking forward to it. Life can be complicated and although it was right to leave Munich overall; in many ways i was not ready to leave. So I am definitely looking forward to going back for a short while.

    Hopefully I will get the chance to write a little about what paranoid schizophrenia actually is as most people seem to have the wrong idea about schizophrenia in general.

    Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year



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    Wollaton Hall, Nottingham, England (by Nick P Lee)

    city i am from