1. A new 10km PB

    I have just had an unexpected confidence boost for the Edinburgh half marathon by running a new 10km PB of 42 minutes 49 seconds.

    I know that realistically to be running a sub 90 minute half I need to be running 10km in 42 minutes. So I need to keep my foot on the gas and keep pushing !


  2. Edinburgh half marathon - 25th May

    I have entered the Edinburgh half marathon and have about seven weeks to prepare. My running has been much less regular since I moved away from Munich and typically much shorter distances. However, from today I am back into sub 45 minute 10km territory. I am going to attack the course and try to go sub 90 minuted for the half.

    I hope to at least get closer than 94 minutes but would need to lose a bit of fat to be confident about it.


  3. I am still alive

    It has been a hectic time of getting used to change for me but it has been a good time. I am now working with paranoid schizophrenia and it has been completely eye opening, interesting, and enthralling. I am really inspired by my work at the moment.

    So I am now living in Birmingham, UK. Our second biggest city, it is an industrial place with lots to do but it is not a beautiful city in the way that can be said about Edinburgh or Munich.

    I have managed to keep the running going although not quite as frequently. My last 10km run was at 45 minutes and 59 seconds. So I am running about 2 or 3 minutes slower than when I hit my stride in Munich. I am going back to Munich to celebrate new years eve and really looking forward to it. Life can be complicated and although it was right to leave Munich overall; in many ways i was not ready to leave. So I am definitely looking forward to going back for a short while.

    Hopefully I will get the chance to write a little about what paranoid schizophrenia actually is as most people seem to have the wrong idea about schizophrenia in general.

    Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year



  5. allthingseurope:

    Wollaton Hall, Nottingham, England (by Nick P Lee)

    city i am from

  6. My German confirmed that this is true

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  8. midwestcoastphoto:

    Marienplatz, Munich, DE. The Rathaus-Glockenspiel is in the foreground with the Frauenkirche in the background

    More missing of Munich

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  9. deutschland-germany:


    I miss this place !!!

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  10. towelintherain:

    She Had Beautiful Hair, a poem about the relative importance of moments in time.

    This is an original poem by me, towelintherain, live last night at DIY Poets, Nottingham.

    All feedback welcome, good, bad, drunk… :)

    A poem written and performed by one of my best friends. Check him out.

  11. My girlfriend sent me this article earlier, although I had already come across it and glanced at it. It is an interesting article. HIs view is that people like to run as a way of showing off and they want everyone to know. It is difficult to see why he has a bit of a problem with runners. What exactly has irked him? Perhaps different people have completely different motivations so I can only speak for myself.

    I run for two main reasons, 1) Health and fitness, in that I would like to stay healthy and lower my risk of various conditions that people are more likely to get when they never exercise. 2) I want to know what I am capable of personally, I am competitive against myself and the watch and I enjoy the challenge. When you are going through a personal challenge and putting in the time and effort to achieve goals whilst fighting with injury etc, why not tell people? It is okay to say that you have passed an exam, that you have got married, that you have bought a house, had a child etc. Why is it not okay to say that through effort and determination that you have just ran a certain number of miles or achieved a new personal best.

    As a tumblr friend I follow remarked earlier, I think I will go out and run in the dark now. But because I want to, like to and look forward to listening to new music for the first time. If other people did not exist I would still be doing it.


  12. Must keep running, must keep running …

    It has now been one month since I ran the Munich marathon. A lot has happened since then and it certainly feels like more than a month ago. I have had some issues with motivation to continue running as regularly but it is still in their somewhere. I would like to improve on my times. What has made it difficult is that leaving Munich coincided with finishing the marathon and the village I reside in at present does not really have any interesting places to run. If I could still get up and run along the river isar or in the Englischer Garten I am sure that I would do it this second. I need an interesting run with minimal repetition. I am not someone who can run around a 2km track 5 times everytime I go running. I need a 10km loop. This would mean running a lot up hill and on roads around these parts …

    I do not want to lose too much of my fitness, I would rather keep my recent level ticking over across the winter and then push on further as the weather improves. I have had quite a lot of trouble I suspect with my achilles tendon in my right foot so I have tried to be careful with that. I was feeling it after every run. My fitness was at its best about a week before the half marathon as I ran a 10km PB at 43 minutes and 6 seconds and then a 20km PB at 88 minutes and 28 seconds. I then caught a bit of the flu at the worst possible time, days before the half marathon and ran the 21.28km in 94 minutes and 35 seconds (would still have been waaaay over 90 minutes without the flu !!).

    For the remainder of October I only really had 4 more runs at about 90% effort, each 3.8km in about 16 and a half minutes. Then on the 4th November I ran 10km in 45 minutes and 38 seconds. This is more than a week ago and I have not ran since. However, strangely, the 10km run was the first time for ages that I have had no reaction in my heel from running. I have been stretching my calves a lot more in the hope that it may lessen the problem, the jury is still out about whether this is a long term solution …I would like to run 10km later tonight, if I can go under 45 minutes and have no reaction in my heel it would be amazing – but I would not bet on either.

    I was thinking about different goals and different types of running and if I should in the future try to run a full marathon. The problem for me is that I see a trade off between distance and pace and I am just naturally more interested in pace. I would rather run 10km very quickly, than 20km not as quick. Also I am not very good at holding myself back. If I am running 21km at 13.5km/h maybe I could complete a full marathon if I lowered my pace to 10km/h. I am not sure if this is in my DNA, I would have to run the whole thing flat out which somehow would not work well, it seems that you can try to run as far as is possible or as fast as is possible and maybe if I ran at 5km/h I could with the right conditioning run further than marathon distance – I have no idea, but it does not seem to be as interesting a challenge to me than improving my times over shorter distances.


  13. "Spygate" in Germany and across Europe in general.

    I just wanted to add to my last post which was actually a reblog now that it is alleged that the British are involved with spying on the Germans in Berlin.

    I just felt disturbed by this as I am sure many people in Germany are and thought that to some it might look a bit dodgy that a British guy (myself) working in Forensic Psych goes to Germany to work in a warehouse for 6 months and then returns to work straight away back in Psychology.

    So just to clarify again, I am not a spy at all, just someone that fancied a change for awhile.

    I only hope that my German girlfriend does not feel the need to start sleeping with one eye open. Because I am not spying on anyone.


  14. I would like to take this opportunity to confirm that when living and working in Germany I was not a spy and have never been a spy


  15. Return to Psychology

    My return to Psychology is looking like it is happening. I arrived in Birmingham Wednesday evening, had a psychology interview the next day, and was offered the job the day after subject to references and other checks.

    I am pretty happy about it and looking forward to further developing my skills.